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Dynamic American roots music and dance duo visit West Cumbria

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry
Evie Ladin and Keith Terry

[K]icking off a summer of live music in style at Florence Arts Centre in Egremont this May are American roots and country duo Evie Ladin and Keith Terry.

Bringing their own fusion of traditional roots music and dance the pair are currently touring the UK with a stop-off at this West Cumbrian venue in between appearances at the Berkeley Bluegrass Festival in California and an afternoon slot at Ireby Folk Festival.

Evie has always been surrounded by music – credit to her upbringing as daughter of an international folk dance teacher, and an old-time folk music devotee, she grew up thinking that playing music, dancing, singing with others was what people do.  Though entrenched in the traditional cultural arts of Appalachia, her home was in Northern New Jersey, New York City, Baltimore – in cities, not mountains. But the tradition bearers came through these towns, and stayed in her house. They played in her living room, and weekends were spent running free at music festivals and house parties.

The neo-trad kinetic-folk of the Evie Ladin Band is a mingling of the deep Appalachian sound of clawhammer banjo, guitar, bass and percussive dance, with contemporary storytelling and original, conversational interplay among the band members. For this tour she is joined by Keith Terry, a percussionist/rhythm dancer whose work encompasses music, dance, theater, performance art — which he brings together to create an artistic vision that defies easy categorization. As a self-defined “Body Musician,” Keith uses the oldest musical instrument in the world — the human body (his own) — as the basis for exploring, blending and bending traditional and contemporary rhythmic, percussive and movement possibilities. Trained as a percussionist, Keith was the drummer for the original Jazz Tap Ensemble when he found his drum patterns becoming hand claps and foot steps.

Together Evie and Keith make great live music – banjo, bass, box, body music – to get you on your feet. An entertaining night of live music in one of the region’s most atmospheric and intimate venues.

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry are playing at Florence Arts Centre on Saturday 27 May.

Tickets cost £10 and can be booked online at or by phone on 01946 824946.

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