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Cumbria County Council 2017 Election Results

cumbria county council election results 2017cumbria council election[F]ollowing voting held across the County on Thursday 4 May and an overnight count, Cumbria County Council has no overall majority as a result of no single party gaining enough seats to achieve control.

Cumbria County Council has 84 elected members, meaning any single political party would require 43 elected members or more to gain overall control.

The number of councillors elected are as follows:

  • Conservative – 37
  • Labour – 26
  • Liberal Democrat – 16
  • Independent – 5

Overall turnout figures County wide show that 37.2% of voters went to the polling stations across the county.

Turnout figures across each district were:

District % Turnout

  • Allerdale  36.6
  • Barrow 27.3
  • Carlisle 36.3
  • Copeland 32.2
  • Eden 39.4
  • South Lakeland 47.0

A full analysis of the election results including votes cast for candidates across all divisions is available at

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