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Clark Vasey meets Flooding Minister

Clark Vasey and Therese Coffey
Clark Vasey and Therese Coffey

[A]s a Cumbrian whose family have experienced flooding first hand, Clark Vasey, the Conservative Candidate for Workington wants to ensure that the area gets the right response on flooding from the outset of his campaign.  As part of this Clark was joined by the Floods Minister, Therese Coffey, to show her some of the worst affected areas from recent floods and to discuss the measures that need to be taken to reduce future risks.

Speaking about the Minister’s visit, Clark said: “Once you have been affected by flooding, the worry that it will happen again never really goes away and that is why it is so important that the Government have been acting to reduce the impact of future floods.  The Cumbria Flood Action Plan was a robust response to the serious flooding which occurred at the end of 2015.  My priority now is to ensure, that as we move forward with the actions set out in the plan, that the areas in the Workington constituency are treated fairly within the overall response.

“This is why I was so please to be able to bring the Minister to Gote Bridge in Cockermouth in the heart of the Workington constituency to highlight the concerns of local residents.  I was pleased to learn about the actions which the Minister is intending to take to strengthen our defences against flooding and in particular the natural flood management opportunities which could have a significant benefit right across the constituency and the county.”

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