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Tracy Barlow in court for attack on Ken

EXTRA_08_05_CORO_TRACY_COURT_02[T]his is the dramatic moment when Tracy Barlow appears in court charged with attacking her step-dad Ken and pushing him down the stairs.

Millions of viewers saw Tracy hand herself into police on Friday and admit the attack on Ken – but is she really guilty or is she just admitting her guilt to try and save her daughter Amy?

Having left Amy with fugitive Rob Donovan Tracy was handcuffed and questioned by police and in tonight’s episode (Mon May 8th) she is in the dock ready to plead guilty to the attack on Ken.

EXTRA_08_05_CORO_TRACY_COURT_03But she also has to face up to Liz McDonald who is furious that Tracy has put Amy at risk.

Is Tracy going to fall on her sword and go down for pushing Ken? Tune in at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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