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Carlisle Photo Exhibition – Visualising the Home

A high quality [cropped] copy of the above image is available from Gillian Gilbert
A high quality [cropped] copy of the above image is available from Gillian Gilbert
[C]arlisle will host a photographic exhibition this summer exploring the vast and varied topic of ‘home’ in the modern world – and photographers from anywhere in the world are being asked to submit their images for consideration.

Successful submissions will form the exhibition being run by Carlisle Photo in collaboration with an academic conference questioning the meaning of home as seen through contemporary photography.

Visualising the Home is the latest in a series of biennial Visualising… conferences where theorists and practitioners discuss socially and culturally relevant themes.

Photographers can address any aspect of the idea of home – where, what, when; safety, familiarity, belonging; they can explore negatives as well as positives, the lack of a home, on a small or large scale. They can even delve into philosophical aspects.

Exhibition organiser, photographer Gillian Gilbert, said: “We are all familiar with our own homes, but the idea of home is an elusive concept. Many people have no home, so for the rest maybe home is a privilege…yet some might see it as a burden. We want photographers to submit images in which they try to convey the sense of home. This is a subject with added relevance as the UK prepares to leave the EU, to live by itself once again.”

Submissions must be in by midnight on Sunday 21 May 2017. The exhibition will run from 26 June until 21 July 2017 at the Vallum Gallery at the University of Cumbria’s Brampton Road campus in Carlisle. The Visualising the Home conference will be held at the campus 13 – 14
July 2017. Gillian Gilbert, Walter

Details of the brief for entries can be found at: along with terms and conditions.

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