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Council seeks young volunteers for the Summer Reading Challenge

Penrith Library
Penrith Library

[E]very year, volunteers aged between 14 and 24 help Cumbria Libraries make the Summer Reading Challenge a success across the county.  In 2016, approximately 1,500 children in Cumbria engaged in reading over the long school summer holidays as part of the challenge. The council is now seeking to recruit young people to help run the challenge this summer.

Volunteers can offer as much or as little time as they have available – even one day a week would be a massive help.  We would ask them to talk to children about the books they have read and assist with running a variety of fun summer activities.

Volunteers will gain lots of new skills and experience to increase their employability and add to UCAS forms.  Previous volunteers have reported increases in their confidence, social skills and literacy, as well as taking pride from making such a positive contribution to their local communities.

You don’t have to be the keenest of readers to volunteer.  Many previous volunteers have been people who struggled to engage with books at school, or don’t have many qualifications. Engaging with the challenge has helped them to read more, and as a result developed their skills, knowledge and understanding of the vital role books and learning play in the development of young people.

Further information about this volunteering opportunity, along with an application form, can be found via the council website at or packs can be picked up at any library in Cumbria.  The closing date for applications is June 30th.

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