Cumbria Crack

Cumbria Police and council crackdown on rogue traders in Barrow

door chain[C]umbria Police and Cumbria County Council have joined forces to target rogue traders.

Police officers, PCSOs and Trading Standards officers have today been on joint patrols in Hawcoat, Holbeck, Walney and Abbots Vale areas – some of which are designated No Cold Calling Zones.

The operation involved high visibility patrols and engaging with any traders that were encountered in those areas.

Doorstep crime affects some of the most vulnerable members of society, mainly targeting victims due to perceived vulnerability, such as age, gender or disability – with many becoming repeat victims.

Sergeant Andy Travis said: “The aim of the operation was enforcement of any offences that we came across as well as the gathering of intelligence from the people we spoke to, and of course ,to reassure residents that we are working with partners on this issue.

“The legitimate builders that we have spoken to have also welcomed this approach and have been a good source of information for us. In future we will look to repeat this type of operation in other areas of the town.”

John Greenbank, Trading Standards Manager, said: “Neighbours and relatives are usually the first to find out or suspect that someone has been a victim of doorstep crime and the sooner they inform us or the police about it the better. If you think someone has paid too much for work, the work is of poor quality or you suspect that doorstep traders are operating in your neighbourhood, let us know and we can respond quickly.  We will not tolerate doorstep crime in Cumbria.”

Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of any doorstep offender or rogue trader should ring their local police on 101 or call Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

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