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Cumbria Police launch summer drink-driving campaign

drink driving[C]umbria Police officers are taking to the roads looking to save lives this summer – by catching drink-drivers behind the wheel.

The summer months often see a rise in drink-driving offences, with people drinking in the sunshine and getting behind the wheel without thought for the consequences.

However, alcohol affects everyone’s driving for the worse, whilst making the driver overconfident – often with tragic consequences.

The warning comes at the beginning of a national Summer Drink-Driving campaign which begins today (1 June 2017).

Inspector Jo Fawcett said: “Every time one of our officers catches a drink-driver, they’ve potentially prevented a serious or fatal road traffic collision.

“Drinking drastically reduces driving ability and the results can be disastrous. If you’re caught by one of our officers, you can consider yourself one of the fortunate ones – you will only face the loss of your licence and a fine.

“The true cost of drink-driving is seen by our officers who regularly attend serious and fatal road traffic collisions.

“If you drink and get behind the wheel you could lose your own life. Or take the life of someone else. It simply isn’t worth the risk.”

A drink-driving conviction could mean the loss of your livelihood. At court you will receive a minimum driving ban of 12 months, a criminal record and a significant fine. You could also face being jailed for up to six months.

Insp Fawcett said: “Drink-driving is a priority for the Constabulary all year round but we are only too aware that the summer can see a rise in these offences.

“Many people enjoy a drink on a summer’s day. What we are urging people to do is pre-plan when they know they are going to be drinking.

“Make sure you have a lift home organised so you won’t have to get behind the wheel and put your own life, as well as the lives of all other road users at risk.”

Follow the work of our roads policing officers this summer on Twitter. Follow @CumbriaRoadsPol

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