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4,000 native trees planted at High Borrowdale

Volunteers planting trees at High Borrowdale
Volunteers planting trees at High Borrowdale

[I]n testing conditions over the winter period, hardy Friends of the Lake District volunteers have braved the elements to plant 4,000 native trees on land at High Borrowdale. It has certainly been a physical challenge with each plug plant requiring planting, staking and protective tubing adding on steep ghyll sides during the harshest winter months.

It is hoped that the planting of hardy native tree varieties like alder, ash, oak, rowan, holly, hawthorn, and willow will enhance the habitats and landscape as well as assisting in stabilising erosion on steeper sections of the valley. This is an area that witnessed numerous landslides during the storms of December 2015.

Jan Darrall, Policy Officer, Friends of the Lake District said: “We are grateful to every volunteer who has helped us to achieve this amazing target. Their generosity and hard work in challenging conditions has enabled us to plant, stake and tube 4,000 native trees, giving the plants an excellent start and a chance to thrive in their new home at High Borrowdale.”

Through the extensive work of volunteers over many years, High Borrowdale has been transformed into a stunning landscape haven for wildlife and people. As well as the planting of native tree species, two upland hay meadows have been re-created, barns restored and over 5km of dry stone wall re-built.

The good news is that this area has been dedicated as open access so that everyone can visit – the meadows are at their most spectacular from end of June to early July – and enjoy this beautiful area in perpetuity. For more information and directions to High Borrowdale and other Friends of the Lake District properties, visit their website at:

Friends of the Lake District also run an extensive and varied range of volunteering opportunities which you will also find on their website:

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