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River level warning ahead of Appleby Fair

appleby-fair600[D]ue to heavy rainfall in the Appleby area over the past 24 hours, the ramp which is used for washing horses in the River Eden during Appleby Fair has been closed for the safety of animals and the public today.

The Multi Agency Strategic Co-ordinating Group (MASCG) of public agencies and Gypsy and Traveller representatives, who work each year to make Appleby Horse Fair safer, met today at Appleby and determined that the high level of water in the River Eden could pose a danger to people and animals.

The level of the water in the River Eden is being continuously monitored and MASCG will meet again tomorrow (Wednesday 7 June) to review the situation.

Dr Robin Hooper, Chair of MASCG and Chief Executive of Eden District Council, said: “Public safety and animal welfare is always of paramount concern at Appleby Horse Fair. Due to the heavy rainfall Appleby has experienced over the past 24 hours, MASCG has been advised that in line with our safety policy it is in the best interest of public safety to close the ramp at the river for the time being. We will review this situation tomorrow and provide a further update.”

For more information about Appleby Horse Fair visit or follow @ApplebyFair on Twitter or MASCG for Appleby Fair on Facebook .

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