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Cumbria youngsters bake to help disabled people

Youthability volunteers in Kendal
Youthability volunteers in Kendal

[C]umbria’s inclusive youth group, YouthAbility, gave back a slice of goodwill to disabled people in their community by baking and selling as many cakes as they could.

The Leonard Cheshire Disability run service for young disabled and non-disabled people in Kendal held the bake sale in The Birdcage in Kendal Town Centre on Wednesday 31 May.

They raised £100 for vital services for disabled people in the region by selling cakes baked and decorated by the ambitious youngsters.

Joshua McLeod, project coordinator for YouthAbility said: “We had a fantastic day out in Kendal Town Centre, not only raising funds but talking to the local community about what we do and the history of the Charity.

“It was extra special to be out there as we are also celebrating 100 years since our founders birth and people were keen to share their own knowledge with us on the stall.

“Thank you to all those who came and supported us at the cake sale, the funds raised will go towards giving the young people we work with new opportunities.”

The event is part of Leonard Cheshire Disability’s annual Give & Bake. The charity is calling on everyone to flex their baking skills and offer their friends, family or work colleagues their beautiful, wacky or classic cake creations in exchange for a donation, which will directly support disabled people. Money raised will go towards a range of care services, including therapies to help those involved in an accident regain movement and benefit from physiotherapy in Leonard Cheshire Disability services.

Anyone interested in holding their own Give & Bake event should visit or call 020 3242 0365.

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