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Man jailed for Kendal knife crime

[A] MAN who committed a knife crime while drunk in Kendal town centre has been sent to prison.

Carlisle Crown Court heard how Neil Scott Tolley, 39, armed himself with a large, thick blade in the early hours of December 10.

Described by an eyewitness as “staggering drunk”, Tolley was said to have had the kitchen knife on show during an incident involving another man at Allhallows Lane.

No threats were made by Tolley, and the implement was dropped and discarded.

But he admitted a charge of having a bladed article in a public place, and was sentenced at the crown court today (TUES) by Judge Peter Davies.

Trainee chef Tolley was said to have “foolishly” picked up the knife in an alleyway, intending to take it home. He had shown “remorse” and since tried to curb his drinking.

But, imposing a 10-month jail term, Judge Davies stated there had to be “significant sentences” for weapon crimes.

He said to Tolley, of Highgate, Kendal: “Had you used that knife who knows what would have happened?”

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