"> Roadside traffic surveys planned for Kendal area
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Roadside traffic surveys planned for Kendal area

[C]umbria County Council has announced that a four-day programme of roadside interview traffic surveys will take place between Monday 3 July and Thursday 6 July at a number of sites in and around Kendal. The surveys are being undertaken to gather information on driver’s journey patterns.

Cumbria County Council’s Project Manager Paul Landreth, said: “When completed, the surveys will provide high quality information on the journeys made by car and lorry drivers in and around Kendal. The information will help us to gain a better understanding of travel patterns, providing key data for the development and planning of future investment in the local transport system. We hope that the travelling public will co-operate to help us collect the evidence we need to deliver improvements to the highways and transport network.”

The surveys involve stopping a sample of drivers and asking them to volunteer to answer questions about their journeys. Each survey site is operated in one direction, on one day only, with interviews expected to take between two and three minutes.  Safety is of paramount importance, with traffic controls provided by Cumbria Police at all site locations. All necessary steps will be taken to minimise delays.

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