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New scheme launched to improve food and hygiene standards

kebab[A] UNIQUE scheme has been launched by Copeland Council to improve the food and hygiene standards of local takeaway establishments.

The Food Safety Alternative Intervention Initiative aims to support local takeaway owners with a zero to three rating, to improve food and hygiene standards.

There are approximately 30 takeaway premises in Copeland that currently fall into this category and the scheme will enable owners to discuss common problems and queries with Copeland Council staff on an informal basis, outside of the usual food safety inspection environment.

As part of the scheme, food safety information has been translated into various languages, in order to reduce any language barriers and strengthen the understanding of some takeaway owners, for whom English may not be their first language.

The Council hopes to see the benefits of the scheme at the next round of inspections.

Lena Hogg, Deputy Mayor and Portfolio Holder for Economic Growth, said: “We understand the importance of effective communication and relationship building with local food establishment owners.

“By working alongside owners and staff within their premises, it will enable them to seek advice directly from our skilled and knowledge environmental health team.

“The scheme aims to educate and create a better understanding of what is expected of the management and of the staff within the premises and the standards they should adhere to.”

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