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Cumbria officers recognised for their life-saving efforts

PC Jamie Callon (left) and PC Scott Farmer (photo @CardiacSmart)

[F]our Cumbria Constabulary officers have received NHS Cardiac Smart Awards in recognition of their efforts to save the lives of members of the public.

In addition to the individual awards, Cumbria Constabulary has also received a Cardiac Smart Silver Organisation Award.

Cardiac Smart status is granted by North West Ambulance Service to schools, organisations and communities who actively work in their communities to increase survival rates of out of hospital cardiac arrests by installing defibrillators and training people in how to use them.

The four officers who received the Cardiac Smart awards are:

  • PC Scott Farmer
  • PC Jamie Callon
  • PC Jonathan Ingham
  • PC Kevin Bestford

The ceremony was held on Friday (23 June, 2017).

PC Farmer was off-duty on 6 April 2017 when he became aware of a collision ahead of him, involving a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. The collision occurred on the A596 opposite Workington Police Station.

As other vehicles manoeuvred around the stricken vehicle, PC Farmer stopped, joining two members of the public.

The driver was unresponsive and PC Farmer recognised he was having difficulty breathing.

PC Farmer, with the help of the two men who had also stopped at the scene, put the driver into the recovery position. However, he soon stopped breathing. Quickly, the constable put the driver onto his back and began CPR whilst sending one of the members of the public into the nearby police station to fetch help and a defibrillator kit.

PC Jamie Callon arrived with the kit whilst PC Farmer continued with chest compressions. PC Callon shocked the driver before PC Farmer carried out another 20-30 chest compressions.

The driver finally gave out a moan as he began to breathe again and was put back into the recovery position. The pair continued to monitor the driver until paramedics arrived at the scene to take over.

PC Farmer said: “Everyone at the scene really pulled together and worked hard in whatever they had to do. All in all, everyone played an integral part in helping out the driver that day.

“I am really pleased he has pulled through and is now back home with his family.”

PCs Ingham and Bestford received their awards in recognition of their attempts to save the life of a HGV driver involved in a collision on the M6 at junction 44 on 17 March, 2017.

On arrival at the scene the HGV driver was not breathing and had no pulse. Between them the officers carried out CPR with heart compressions and use of the defibrillator.

A doctor arrived and administered drugs whilst the officers continued the heart compressions until the air ambulance arrived on the scene.

The pulse returned and the doctor at the scene praised the officers for making this possible. Sadly, the driver of the HGV subsequently died in the days that followed.

The Constabulary received the Silver Organisation award in recognition of the force’s commitment to live-saving skills.

All police officers in Cumbria are trained in CPR and use of defibrillators.

Cumbria Constabulary Chief Constable Jeremy Graham said: “I am proud to have received the Silver Organisation award on behalf of the Constabulary. This recognition shows the commitment we have to life-saving skills – skills which have been demonstrated by police constables Farmer, Callon, Ingham and Bestford.”

Speaking of the award, Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “I think we in Cumbria should be very proud to hear examples of such exceptional responses by our officers. There is no doubt that their quick thinking and life-saving skills have saved lives, and given others the best possible chance. These are fantastic illustrations, demonstrating the selfless service of our police and I offer congratulations and sincere thanks to all four officers.”

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