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Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust appoints new Chief Executive and Chair

Stephen Eames

[T]he Board of Directors at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust agreed to appoint Stephen Eames as its Interim Chief Executive at its latest meeting on 29th June 2017.

Stephen Eames is currently the Chief Executive of North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust and lead for the West North and East Cumbria Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP). This appointment will see an extension of this role to include Interim Chief Executive across all of our services, including those in the South of the county, which are provided by us as Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Claire Molloy the current Chief Executive leaves the organisation at the end of the summer to take up a new post said, “Stephen is a very experienced Chief Executive of 25 years including leading two integrated health trusts and three years as a Chief Executive of a mental health trust. Given the joint work we have been building with all of our partners it seems a very sensible step to share a Chief Executive. This has been agreed by our Non-Executive Directors who have the duty of making the appointment.

“As an organisation we have made significant improvements in both quality and culture over the last four years and still have much to achieve towards our vision. We have heard from over 500 staff over the last fortnight in a series of workshops that they are keen to retain this progress and continue improving care.

“Our Non Executive directors will meet Stephen in the coming weeks to gain assurances on this and the need to provide a stable platform for our countywide services, many of which provide services to some of the most vulnerable people; those with mental ill-health, learning disabilities, vulnerable children & families and those with specialist health & care needs.”

Stephen Eames, chief executive of North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust said of his appointment, “I am pleased that the Board of Directors at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has recommended me to take up the role of interim chief executive subject to further confirmation. Since I took up the role at North Cumbria in January 2016, significant progress has been made including getting out of special measures and improvements in performance. Our organisations have been working very closely and successfully together for some time and that is something which can be further built on for the benefit of all staff and patients accessing services provided across both of our organisations.”

Stephen will take up the interim appointment following Claire’s departure over the summer.

The Board of Directors also received an update from the Governors’ Council who are responsible for appointing to the post of Chair which was due to become vacant later this year as Mike Taylor comes to the end of his term of office.

They agreed to consider the potential of a shared chair with North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust. In the meantime, as there is likely to be a gap in the Chair position at CPFT, the Governors will appoint an Interim Chair for CPFT. Given support for the Interim Chair appointment, Mike Taylor advised the Board that he would be tendering his resignation as Chair of CPFT rather than stay on to the end of his term.

The Board of Directors for CPFT will remain statutorily responsible for all of our current services, this is simply sharing a Chief Executive with North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Any changes to the organisation in the future will be subject to full business case which our Board of Directors will be required to approve and any future appointment of a shared Chair and substantive CEO will be subject to the formal procedure required by the Foundation Trust Code of Conduct.

Claire Molloy added, “I hope you will join me in thanking Mike Taylor for his service to Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust over the last 6 years and the outstanding contribution he has made in leading the organisation through a series of improvements in quality and culture at which we are all very proud. Mike has had a very long and distinguished career in the NHS of over 25 years in total, of which 10 have been in Cumbria and I wish him all the very best for his retirement.”

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