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Don’t leave your home open to thieves this summer

[O]pportunistic thieves are on the lookout for easy burglary targets this summer – what would they see when they look at your home?

With the warm summer weather, people often relegate home security as a priority. The result is an increase in sneak-in burglaries.

Superintendent Justin Bibby said: “Throughout the year we take reports of burglaries where thieves have entered homes through unlocked windows and doors. They haven’t even needed to break in – they’ve just walked in and walked off with high-value and often sentimental items.

“The problem worsens every summer when people not only leave doors and windows unlocked but open – sometimes even when they leave the house.

“As a result, we see a sharp rise in sneak-in burglaries in the summer months. We are urging people to take responsibility for their own home security. These offences are often opportunistic and carried out by thieves on the look-out for a quick-win.”

Whilst Cumbria has seen a reduction in burglaries in 2016/17 of 9.8 per cent, almost half of those burglaries are classed as insecure or sneak-in offences (40 per cent).

These are crimes which potentially could have been prevented with some simple home security measures such as making sure doors and windows are locked and secure

Supt Bibby said: “When you’re leaving the house, turn around and take a look at your home. How would a thief view it? An easy target?

“Even the simplest of steps can drastically reduce the likelihood of your home being burgled. Simple steps such as making sure doors are always locked – whether you are in or not and whether or not it is day or night – and only keeping widows open in occupied rooms.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said:

“The message is really quite simple: lock up and keep you homes and belongings safe! Please do listen to the police advice, and take the simple steps it takes to avoid becoming a victim of crime.”

To assist the force the public should keep their properties secure, register property onto so it can be identified/returned if lost or stolen.

Call the police if you see people acting suspiciously in your community, if there is a burglary in progress or if you have details about those involved in criminality. This can be done this using 999 in an emergency, email [email protected] or call 101 in a non-emergency or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Simple tips on keeping your home safe
• Lock doors and windows before you go out
• Remove keys from locks and keep out of reach of windows and doors
• Ensure side gates and sheds are locked
• Keep gifts, cash and valuables safe and well hidden, so they can’t be seen or reached by thieves
• Consider fitting a burglar alarm and low energy dusk to dawn lighting, check regularly to ensure they work
• Ensure your house is secure, preventing someone entering when you are busy elsewhere in the house or garden
• Postcode your valuables with a UV pen, consider registering them on
• Leave a light on in a room and draw curtains when you go out at night
• Look out for your neighbour’s property
• Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
• Cancel newspapers, milk, etc when you go on holiday
• Make sure callers to your home are genuine, always ask for ID

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