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Roadside traffic surveys in Carlisle next week

[C]umbria County Council has announced that a one-day programme of roadside traffic surveys to assess driver’s journey patterns will take place on Thursday 13 July at three sites in Carlisle.

Traffic surveys are really important to give a picture of how, why and where people travel across Carlisle. The data on these travel patterns forms the key part of any case for investment for major infrastructure improvements to the highway network.

The surveys involve stopping a sample of drivers and asking them to volunteer to answer questions about their journeys. Each survey site is operated in one direction only, with interviews expected to take between two and three minutes.  Safety is of paramount importance, with traffic controls provided by Cumbria Police at all site locations. All necessary steps will be taken to minimise delays.

The council recognises the frustration and inconvenience caused by the recent traffic census on Eden Bridge in Carlisle and is mindful of the importance of keeping disruption to a minimum whilst this vital research is carried out.

The delays on Eden Bridge were made worse by the inclement weather and two vehicles which broke down within a short space of time, requiring the vehicles to be ushered in to the closed survey lane on the bridge.

Surveys at Warwick Road and London Road during the same programme did not experience the same problems and traffic was able to flow much more freely.

Extra efforts will be made to ensure the free flow of traffic at each site on 13 July and officers will halt surveys if congestion becomes a problem.

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