Cumbria Crack

Cumbria Crack blocks offensive Facebook troll comments

[C]umbria Crack has taken steps to clean up comments on it’s Facebook page by blocking a host of offensive words and swear words.

The popular Cumbria Crack Facebook page has over 114,000 likes and posts regular news updates with links to the full story on the Cumbria Crack website.

Owner, editor and founder of Cumbria Crack, Carl Fallowfield says as the Facebook following has grown over the years, it has become almost impossible to ‘police’ all the comments on our Facebook page.

This is not helped due to Facebook refusing to implement one of the most requested features which would allow business page owners to disable comments on selected posts.

Editor Carl Fallowfield said: “We have known for some time that there was a problem with bad language, abusive and offensive comments being made on our Facebook page.

“Due to the hundreds of comments, it recently took almost an hour just to find one offensive comment on one post so we could remove it.

“We have now taken steps to automatically block comments from public view, if they contain swear words, words that could be deemed offensive to religious or ethnic minority groups or the LGBT community.

“I strongly believe in the right to free speech however people posting offensive, abusive and rude comments on Cumbria Crack’s Facebook page will not be tolerated.

“I hope this new measure will drastically reduce if not stop these comments from being made public.

“I will not hesitate to block the worst or repeated offenders from being able to comment on our Facebook posts.”

Cumbria Crack would like to remind users of social media sites to use caution when posting comments on live court cases as these may prejudice a fair trial.

Over 40 words have now been blocked from being used in the public comments on Cumbria Crack’s Facebook page.

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