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WATCH: ‘Horror’ video urges teens to stay out of the reservoir

[A] chilling horror-style video has been released to urge teenagers not to risk their lives in reservoirs this summer.

The video from United Utilities, which takes its cue from spooky movies such as The Ring, features a ghostly teenage girl at the water’s edge, who recites a creepy poem about the perils of swimming in the freezing, muscle-numbing water of a reservoir.

The North West water company is also using Snaphchat to reach teenagers with the vital safety warning.

The campaign comes on the back of a new survey by United Utilities which reveals that a third of people in the North West would consider swimming in a reservoir to cool down during hot weather.

The survey found that peer pressure among teenagers can play a big part in the decision to risk it all in the reservoir.

Matt Upton, United Utilities’ water catchment manger said: “Even the strongest swimmers can drown in a reservoir. With their sudden drops, hidden machinery, and freezing, muscle-numbing water, reservoirs are about the worst possible place to cool off this summer.

“We want to remind teens to stay safe, by staying out of the water. And we’d ask parents to help reinforce the message at home. Please don’t let someone in your family become the next tragic statistic.”

United Utilities’ research found:

  • 33% of the North West would consider swimming in a reservoir to cool down in hot weather.
  • Teenagers can be easily swayed by peer pressure. Almost half of North West teenagers say they have taken risks they now regret. 7% said they would take the plunge in a reservoir if others were doing it.
  • 10 % of those surveyed admitted that they, or their friends, had tried ‘tombstoning’ – jumping into the water from a high platform such as bridge or cliff).

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