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Workington Twinners help celebrate Bastille Day

Deputy Town Mayor Cllr Barbara Cannon addresses Bastille Day crowd at Val de Reuil’s Wall of Remembrance.

[D]eputy Town Mayor of Workington, Cllr Barbara Cannon, has been honoured to attend Val de Reuil’s civic ceremony today, on behalf of Workington Mayor Cllr Anne Bales.

Speaking at the French town’s wall of remembrance to a large gathering of local residents and guests, Cllr Cannon expressed her gratitude to the English delegation’s French hosts and shared her aspirations that this visit would continue to strengthen the friendship between the two towns, not only reaffirming our connection after Brexit but also opening future opportunities for the people of Workington to contribute to exchanges and learn from our friends in Europe.

Cllr Cannon presented Mayor of Val de Reuil, Marc-Antoine Jamet, with a beautifully displayed poem composed by local Workington poet John Hastings.

Monsieur Jamet was humbled by the gesture and shared the poem in French with the guests and people of Val de Reuil.

The civic party continue their visit in France until Saturday and are looking forward to using the experience to enhance next years’ international young peoples’ camp (planned for August 2018), and for future exchanges with Workington’s twinned towns of Val de Reuil and Selm.

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