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Police warn of swimming dangers

[P]olice are warning young people to be aware of the dangers of water before diving in this summer.

The warning comes after officers were called at around 5.45pm yesterday (July 18th) to reports of around 30 teenagers swimming in the ponds close to  Hawthwaite Lane, Barrow.

Police attended and the group left the location, but later returned.

Barrow Inspector Mike O’Hagan said: “We recognise that after breaking up from school and with the sun being out, it might seem like a fun idea to go swimming with friends.

“But it can be very dangerous, particularly in remote areas where you may not be able to seek help should someone come into difficulty, or if you are unfamiliar with the water.

“We urge young people to think about the dangers, and ask all parents to speak to their children about the potential hazards associated with the activity.”

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