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“Gunman” holds mum and kids hostage in Shaw, Oldham

[P]olice are continuing to respond to an on-going incident at a property on Pemberton Way in Shaw.

Shortly before 3:15am on Tuesday 25 July 2017, police were called to reports that a man armed with a gun had locked himself inside the property, along with a woman and two children.

Police negotiators remain at the scene and are continuing to engage with the man and attempt to bring the situation to a safe resolution.

As a result of efforts made by the emergency services in attendance so far, the two young children are now safely out of the address. The woman remains inside.

As a precaution a number of nearby properties are being evacuated.

Chief Superintendent Neil Evans, Territorial Commander for GMP’s Oldham borough said: “We are continuing in our efforts to bring this situation to a safe resolution and we have police negotiators at the scene currently engaging with the man inside the property.

“Our number one priority is the safety of all those involved, as well as other members of the public and as a result the decision was made to evacuate a number of nearby addresses as a precaution.

“I would like to thank members of the public for their cooperation this morning however it is imperative that this continues as we focus all our efforts on resolving the incident. I would therefore ask that people continue to avoid the area as much as possible.”

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