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Fun and Ponies at Oak Tree Farm

Chloe and Rosie Harkness feeding the goats at Oak Tree Farm and Lily Harkness with equine rehomer Tracey Banks and Sugar

[T]hirteen pony-mad youngsters took part in the Oak Tree Animals’ Charity Pony Funday on 25th July having the opportunity to meet and groom ponies, learn about their care, take part in quizzes and gymkhana’s as well as meeting some of the other Oak Tree residents.

The Funday forms part of the education work of the Charity that seeks to inform young people about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Vicki Dobbin, Equine Supervisor said: “Our Pony Fundays are a great way for young people to learn about what it takes to care for horses and ponies. We regularly run these workshops to give families an insight into how to manage ponies and the commitment and fun that horse ownership can bring.”

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity runs Pony Fundays throughout the year in school holidays for children aged 6-12 years. For further information about the Charity’s events please call 01228 560082 or visit the Oak Tree Animals’ Charity Facebook and Twitter pages.

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