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Carlisle criminal jailed and branded a “menace” by judge

Darren Farrer

[A] CRIMINAL was branded a “menace” by a judge as he was jailed for two Carlisle city burglaries and a theft.

Darren Farrer, 40, sneaked into a private area at the Costa coffee shop, on June 5, after he had been offered a free drink by kind staff. He rifled through cash containers, stole £50 from coin tray and targeted a charity box.

When bailed by police in relation to that matter, Farrer broke into the nearby La Baguette Bar during the early hours of June 20. He repeatedly kicked a glass door panel, crawled in and snatched £250.

Farrer, of Lindisfarne Street, Carlisle, pleaded guilty to two burglaries and also admitted stealing £108 worth of razor blades from the city’s Boots store on June 4.

He was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court today (MON), when Judge Peter Davies heard there were 134 offences on the defendant’s criminal record.

Jailing him for two years, Judge Davies said: “During the month of June you were a menace in Carlisle city centre.”

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