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Carlisle man stole £54,000 from elderly mother’s bank account, court told

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] COURT has heard how a Carlisle man stole almost £54,000 from his elderly mother’s bank account.

Colin Little, 49, went on massive online gambling sprees” over many months in 2015 and 2016. Carlisle Crown Court was told he did so using money belonging to pensioner Margaret Little following a house sale.

At the time, Colin Little and his wife, Jacqueline, of Watson Street, Carlisle, had power of attorney over Mrs Little’s affairs due to her declining mental health.

A jury has heard that Colin Little admits stealing £53,810 from his mother to fund his online betting.

However, 54-year-old Jacqueline Anne Little has pleaded not guilty to one theft charge. This alleges she stole several thousand pounds from Mrs Little’s account which was spent on a new £4,500 bathroom and replacement wedding rings.

But Jacqueline Little denies acting dishonestly. She told police Mrs Little had given her husband consent to spend her money as he liked.

The trial continues.

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