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Carlisle woman found guilty of stealing cash from elderly mother-in-law

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] CARLISLE woman has been found guilty of stealing thousands of pounds from her elderly mother-in-law.

Jacqueline Anne Little, 54, was told by a judge at Carlisle Crown Court that she will not be jailed for pinching cash from Margaret Little which was splashed on a new bathroom and replacement wedding rings.

However, the court heard Jacqueline Little’s husband, Colin, could be sent to prison. He had previously admitted taking almost £54,000 from his mother’s bank account to fund “massive online gambling sprees”.

His wife denied stealing a smaller sum of money after they assumed power of attorney for the pensioner’s affairs when she started showing signs of a mental decline.

However, she was unanimously convicted of theft today (THURS) by a jury following a trial.

The couple, of Watson Street, Carlisle, will be sentenced at the crown court tomorrow.

Recorder David Potter said to Jacqueline Little’s lawyer after the guilty verdict was returned: “I will tell you, and I will tell the jury, I do not intend to impose an immediate custodial sentence on Mrs (Jacqueline) Little.”

But he added: “The same may not be the case for husband.”

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