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Cumbria wildlife partnership flying high

David Edwards from Yealand refills the bird feeders at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve and a great spotted woodpecker on bird feeder at Plumgarths garden, head office of Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Photo: Michelle Waller.

[C]umbria Wildlife Trust is celebrating a flourishing 10 year partnership with Vine House Farm, working together for wildlife. Vine House Farm in Lincolnshire is home of pioneering wildlife-friendly farmer Nicolas Watts and his family. They grow 400 acres of bird seed, including 100 acres of sunflowers, and their farm is a haven for a host of wildlife.

By donating up to 5% of their sales to Wildlife Trusts around the country, Vine House Farm has raised over £1,250,000 to support wildlife conservation, and inspire people to experience wildlife first-hand. Cumbria Wildlife Trust has received an amazing £12,668 over the past 10 years.

Peter Bullard, Director of Cumbria Wildlife Trust says: “Our partnership with Vine House Farm helps protect Cumbria’s wildlife and it is a pleasure to work with people who care for wildlife as an integral part of their ethos. The Wildlife Trusts chose to partner with Vine House Farm not just because they produce great birdseed but because of the amazing things they were doing for wildlife on their own farm, and their very real commitment to our work.”

Peter explains why feeding wild birds is important: “Feeding our garden birds with good quality, energy-rich foods is not only rewarding, it’s a great way to help protect some of our most popular species which are now under threat, due to loss of habitat in woodlands and on farmland.”

The Trust uses bird seed, fat balls and nuts from Vine House Farm to fill bird feeders on several of its nature reserves around Cumbria, including in the wildlife garden at Plumgarths and at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve near Witherslack. Maybe better known for its visiting ospreys, this nature reserve is also home to many smaller species. The feeders here attract less common birds such as blackcap (in winter), brambling, long-tailed tit, siskin, lesser redpoll and jay, with water rail sometimes feeding on the ground below.

To buy bird seed direct from Vine House Farm, go to

Vine House Farm is a corporate member of Cumbria Wildlife Trust. To find out how to become a corporate member, visit our website and go to How you can help.

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