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Carlisle Key awarded PQASSO Quality Mark

[L]ocal charity, Carlisle Key has been given the seal of approval by PQASSO.

This means the organisation is fit for purpose, delivering quality services and working to a quality framework. Carlisle Key have worked hard for over 20 years to establish themselves as an organisation of quality in the community. The organisation has a small but committed Staff team and an active and committed group of Board Members and Volunteers.

They have an excellent reputation amongst their clients and professionals, and are financially stable.

PQASSO completed a comprehensive assessment of Carlisle Key and the team feel that the organisation has provided sufficient evidence to meet all of the requirements for PQASSO Level 1.

The organisation has done particularly well in respect of Quality Area 3 (Leadership and Management), Quality Area 4 (User-Centred Service) and Quality Area 11 (Monitoring and Evaluation).

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