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Fifteen cats rescued from Carlisle home

L-R: Jess and Marley are still looking for homes

[O]ak Tree Animals’ Charity is currently trying to find homes for cats who were rescued from a hoarding situation in Carlisle. The 15 cats, aged between 18 mths – 8years old, were living under floorboards in the house among their own excrement.

All cats were caught by Oak Tree’s community team and taken to the vet to be health checked. They were found to be underweight with some matted coats and parasite issues. Many were very shy and nervous around humans due to being undersocialised and all were extremely hungry.

The small animal team at Oak Tree have cared for them, ensuring they are flea and worm treated, vaccinated and neutered.

Staff and volunteers have worked hard to reassure and socialise them in preparation for finding loving new homes. Some of the cats have been able to successfully find new homes, but the Charity is seeking loving forever homes for seven that remain in care

Becky Lowis, Community Engagement Supervisor explained: “Sadly we often come across situations such as this where the owner is trying their best to look after their pets but the numbers have simply got out of control. In this situation we were able to work with our partners in Social Services to help both the cats and their owners. We are now looking for people within our community who are willing to give these wonderful cats the second chance they all deserve.”

For more information about how to rehome an animal from Oak Tree Animals’ Charity please visit or call 01228 560082.

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