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Positive patient experience results for North Cumbria Hospitals

[P]atient feedback gathered through a variety of methods at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust since April 2017 demonstrates that the majority of patients are very satisfied with care provided at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.

Highlights from the latest feedback include:

  • The Trust is in the top 20% of all Trusts for various areas in both outpatient and inpatient services, according to a Patient Perspective survey
  • For Emergency Departments, the Trust averages inside the top 20% nationally
  • The Trust scored an average of 96% in the Friends and Family Test (FFT) for patients who would recommend inpatients/day care, outpatients, emergency care and maternity to their loved ones
  • For Children and Young People’s services, FFT results show that 98.4% of patients would recommend services at the Cumberland Infirmary, and 100% at West Cumberland Hospital
  • Over 1,000 comments were received in ‘2 minutes of your time’ comment boxes, with 84% positive comments for the Cumberland Infirmary and 92% positive comments for West Cumberland Hospital
  • The Trust scored an average of 9.5 out of 10 for the ‘Real Time Face to Face’ score, which is based on face-to-face interviews in 33 areas across both hospitals
  • The Trust’s dementia patient experience survey, the ‘Butterfly Survey’, saw 92% positive comments for dementia services at the Cumberland Infirmary, and 100% at West Cumberland Hospital
  • On the NHS Choices website, the star ratings have remained 4 out of 5 for The Cumberland Infirmary and 4.5 out of 5 for West Cumberland Hospital

In addition, the Trust has also been working hard to improve responsiveness when patients do raise concerns. 100% of complaint investigations have been completed within the 30-day target, and this rate has been maintained since September 2016.

Georgia Wright, head of nursing for patient experience at the Trust, said: “These are very promising and positive results, and it is thanks to the hard work and commitment our staff show across both of our hospital sites.

“Our extensive patient experience programme allows us to collect real-time information about many aspects of patient care, giving us the opportunity to quickly rectify any issues which may arise as well as allowing us to continuously strive to improve our services.”

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