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Windermere School Celebrates Outstanding GCSE Results

Windermere School students celebrating their GCSE success

[F]ollowing its record-breaking International Baccalaureate results earlier this summer, Windermere School students are celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE and IGCSE results.

Over 90% of students at the school secured A* to C grades in their exams, significantly higher than the national average of 66.3%, and for the second year running there was a 100% pass rate in English and Mathematics. Across the country the English Literature pass rate fell to 72%, while the Mathematics pass rate rose to 68.9%.

Almost half of the students at the school achieved results which were graded A* to A, and just under 75% achieved A* to B. There were some stunning individual performance and special mention goes to the following students, who all live locally: Rosy Lavender (9A*s); Annabelle Bennett (8A*s, 1A); Lucy Ferguson (7A*s, 3As); Francesca Barton (6A*s, 3As); and Oliver Gajdowski (5A*, 3As and 2Bs).

Windermere School offers a mixture of IGCSEs and GCSEs, ensuring that the school can offer a range of courses which are best suited to the students and their aspirations. UCAS and Universities in the UK, and overseas, recognize IGCSE qualifications as equivalent grade for grade with UK GCSE qualifications.

Mr Lavender, Headmaster at Windermere School, was very pleased with the results and was quick to pay tribute to all students and their families, and to the staff across the whole school.

Said Mr Lavender: “For many of our students, their learning journey begins at Elleray, so these results are a tribute to all staff, as well as to the students and their families. This is an outstanding set of results and the 100% pass rate in Mathematics and English is superb.”

Mr Lavender went on to recognise the role of all the staff at the school, adding: “We are very fortunate to enjoy a mutually supportive environment.  Everything and everybody has a key role to play and all things are connected.  The state of the grounds, the estate and the environment are just as important as the work achieved in the classroom, for the environment we create inside and outside is central to well-being.  Our mission is to produce confident and compassionate students and this means giving students the confidence to reach out and help others on their onward journey.  I am sure that this level of competition, as well as support, is central to our success.

I am delighted for the students, their families and staff.  We have a growing school roll and this is a tribute to all who work so hard to make Windermere School such a special place.”

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