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Man killed in Striding Edge fall


[O]n Sunday morning Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to rescue a 54-year-old man who was ascending Helvellyn via Striding Edge with his family when he slipped and fell over 200 metres.

Several experienced Mountaineers who were already in the area abseiled from Striding Edge to the man’s location and began rendering first aid.

An air ambulance was also scrambled, but due to the bad weather they had to abort their attempt to fly to the casualty’s location.

Because of the seriousness of the incident and hoping for a break in the weather a larger Coastguard helicopter was requested from Prestwick.

Unfortunately, the bad weather remained and after some highly skilled flying and dedication from the crew of the Coastguard helicopter, it too was unable to reach the casualty’s location and had to abort its attempt.

A spokesman for Patterdale MRT said: “All four of Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team’s Land Rovers responded along with members of the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team and team members ascended the rough and steep terrain of Striding Edge to reach the casualty.

“The team provided immediate medical care, but sadly the man died at the scene.”

Patterdale Team Leader, Mike Blakey said: “Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with the family and friends of the man who tragically lost his life after falling over 200m from Striding Edge on Sunday. This particularly sad rescue has touched the hearts of all concerned. The family was very well equipped and this was simply a tragic accident.”

The Team was also called out just before 1500 on Monday when a man, and his dog, fell a similar distance from Striding Edge.

The man sustained very serious injuries and was treated by Team members and the Great North Air Ambulance Doctor and Paramedic who climbed up to the casualty’s location alongside Patterdale Team members.

Given the poor weather, the team swiftly lowered and carried the man below the cloud to a point at which the Coastguard Rescue 199 helicopter could evacuate. The Coastguard helicopter crew did an astounding job at getting as close as possible to the team in atrocious flying conditions. An amazing and truly heroic effort by this air crew and the doctor and paramedic who flew with him.

The man’s dog is currently at a local veterinary practice having been treated by the team’s vet on the scene. He has suffered a serious leg fracture and will be operated on tomorrow by the team’s vet. He’s comfortable at present.

Team Leader said: “We are all hoping for a positive outcome for both the man and dog as every emergency service member involved gave their all to give the best friends the best possible chance of survival. The group were well equipped and experienced. I would also like to formally thank the two men from Bradford who did everything they could to assist the party and the rescue team.”

Whilst the team were dealing with the incident on Saturday two mountain bikers were also treated for injuries. One for a deep laceration to his leg and the second for a hip injury having both cycled over a rocky outcrop on their descent from Helvellyn. Later that evening the team were called out to search for a father and daughter reported as missing on Helvellyn. They turned up safe and well as the team was responding.

“Our thanks go to Penrith MRT for backing us up on both incidents.”

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