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Solar flare sparks Cumbria aurora alert

[T]here is an increased chance of viewing the aurora on the night of 7th September 2017.

A full-halo coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with a long duration, moderate solar flare was observed yesterday evening. This emerged from an active region close to the centre of the solar disc.

This CME is expected to arrive at Earth early on the morning of the 7th of September bringing geomagnetic STORM conditions.

The solar wind speed is also currently elevated due to the waning influence of a northern polar coronal hole. This may further contribute to the enhancement of geomagnetic activity.

The sun also erupted an X flare Wednesday morning. It’s likely that some of the CME will impact earth giving a few more nights of Aurora.

Assuming clear dark skies, and that the geomagnetic field is suitably disturbed, there is an increased chance of seeing the aurora. In the UK, those in Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland may have the best opportunities.

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