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New machine set to revolutionise Staveley stone business

Managing director of R R Stone Ltd, Richard Rogers, pictured with the state of the art Prussiani CNC machine.

[A] STATE of the art machine will speed up production, cut costs and enhance the creativity of Cumbria firm, R R Stone Ltd.

The Prussiani CNC work centre machine was imported from Italy to the Staveley-based workshop, and looks set to revolutionise the business.

Managing director, Richard Rogers, said: “We are delighted that we can now use the Prussiani CNC machine to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our customers. Now that it has been installed, it will certainly enhance the architectural capacity of the company and means we are not limited by design. Production will also now be typically up to three times faster, as the machine can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The machine will be used to create bespoke architectural items such as headstones, bathroom basins, shower trays and vanity units. The new installation coincides with a recent investment of a £25K crane system, which will also contribute towards the smooth and efficient running of the workshop, based at the factory in Staveley.

Richard added: “We secured a percentage of the funding for the machine through a grant from the Chamber of Trade regional growth fund, which helped us to invest in the machinery. Previously, we had been using a much smaller machine but this is now a huge upgrade, it’s a state of the art piece of equipment.”

R R Stone Ltd was formed in 2002 in humble beginnings at Richard’s home in Windermere. Shortly afterwards, he was able to buy the dilapidated Gatefoot Mill in Staveley, where the team is now based. Since then, R R Stone and its sister company, A House of Stone Ltd, have both expanded into the granite and quartz worktop market.

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