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Longtown man admits flouting court order imposed for assault on partner

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] MAN has admitted flouting a court order he received for injuring his partner.

Anthony William Moorhead, 25, was sentenced in January for criminal conduct towards Amy Sellars, who was treated at Carlisle’s Cumberland Infirmary following a Boxing Day incident which left her with a 2cm scalp wound.

Moorhead admitted assault, and was ordered at the city’s crown court to undergo rehabilitation and a “building better relationships” course.

However, he was back in court today (THURS) when he admitted failing to attend probation service appointments, without good reason, in June, July and August.

Judge Peter Davies heard attempts had been made by probation staff to accommodate Moorhead in light of “mental health issues”.

On being told Moorhead was now motivated to comply with the order, Judge Davies adjourned the case for a month. More evidence was sought about Moorhead’s health and whether the order should continue.

“It is actually designed to help you,” Judge Davies said of the 18-month community order. “So when someone offers you a hand of help it is a good idea to take it.”

Moorhead, of Graham Street, Longtown, must return to the crown court on October 3 when an update will be provided.

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