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Get involved in policing your area

[P]olice in Ulverston are hoping to recruit volunteers this weekend and are asking “do you want to get involved in the policing of your local area?”

Officers from Cumbria Constabulary will be outside the Coronation Hall, alongside Special Constabulary colleagues tomorrow (September 9th), 12noon – 5pm, to encourage members of the public to come and find out more about the various roles available.

Whatever skills you may have, and whatever time you have available to spare, there are so many opportunities to join the police family.

You will be able to speak to serving Special Constables about the exciting and crucial roles that they play in fighting crime and making our streets safer.

Last month (August 2017) Cumbria Constabulary Specials made 16 arrests, did 105 vehicle stop checks, spent 68 hours on specific operations, and 92 hours policing events, plus much, much more.

Barrow Inspector James Bailey, who will be at the event tomorrow, said: “Without the work of our Special Constabulary and our wonderful volunteers, it would be much harder to run the operations we want to and to tackle local crime and anti-social behaviour issues.

“There will be many people out there who want to get involved and make a difference to the policing of their area, but not sure how they can. This is the perfect opportunity for those in Ulverston and the surrounding area to come and find out what they may be able to help with.

“We have for instance, proactive operations to target rural crime, and there are opportunities for local people to be part of this. Volunteers make such a difference to us during these operations and joining together provides a strong message to criminals that we will work together to stamp out their presence in our communities.

“Being a volunteer means you can work alongside regular police officers across a large area – from the busy town of Barrow out to the likes of Coniston, in the countryside. It’s rewarding for those that take part and it is invaluable to our work.

“If you have any questions, please come and visit us tomorrow. We also have an Emergency Services Open day taking place at Barrow Police Station on Sunday also, and there will be a number of people there too who can offer you advice.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “I hope you will find the time to go along to Ulverston on Saturday, or Barrow on the Sunday, and find out more about what you can do in your local area to help keep it safe. Volunteers bring a significant and diverse range of skills and experiences to the workplace, which is very much welcomed and valued.

“As well as volunteering opportunities for police support roles, we are also looking to increase the number of Special Constables.  This role is about much more than pounding the streets – we want our specials to help in our specialist policing areas such as high tech crime and public protection unit.

“We want people’s external skills to help us meet the demands in the changing nature of policing, and firmly believe that what you learn from us will enhance your skill-set and maybe your CV too.

“I would urge people to come along and see what opportunities might be out there for them.  Being a Special will introduce you to some really interesting and at times exciting work, you’ll learn new skills and be making a real contribution to your local community.”

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