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Classics revival – impressive GCSE Latin results for Keswick School students

Araminta Grabrovaz-Tilzey (Year 9) – GCSE Latin grade A and Xanthe Grabrovaz-Tilzey (Year 11) – GCSE Latin grade A

[K]eswick School Latinists have been celebrating some outstanding GCSE Latin results once again this year: eight A*/A grades, two Bs and one C grade.

Latin is taught as an extended school curriculum course by Mrs Jackson. Students undertake the Cambridge University Latin Course which covers both language comprehension and Roman civilisation. In the first and second years of the course they aim to achieve Cambridge University certificates and in the third year they are prepared for higher tier GCSE Latin.

This year A* grades were achieved by Catherine Fryer-Spedding, James Mattinson, Rosie Wilson and Laura Wilson and the youngest student in the class, Araminta Grabrovaz-Tilzey (Year 9), achieved an A grade.

Latin enables pupils to develop their linguistic capabilities whilst also acquiring an ability to think logically and to deal with challenging linguistic puzzles. Pupils are encouraged to strive for accuracy and clarity of thought and to enjoy the intellectual demands of Latin.

Mrs Jackson said: “I am so impressed with the results that the students have attained this year. Their resilience and perseverance is exemplary. They deserve these outstanding grades and I wish them every success in their future studies.”

Mr Jackson (Head teacher) said: “At Keswick School we aim to broaden students’ horizons to enable them to develop as confident, articulate and distinctive individuals. Giving them the opportunity to study Latin allows our pupils to expand their knowledge and try something new.”

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