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SOUP – The community crowd-funding event comes to Penrith

[H]elp celebrate and improve your local area in 4 simple steps:

  • Donate at least £4 on the door.
  • Listen to 4 pitches from local projects aiming to benefit Penrith and Eden
  • Enjoy live music, a bowl of soup, and vote for your favourite project
  • All the money raised is split between the projects.

This is a fun way for people who love Penrith to gather and share ideas for how to make a difference in our community.

Now Recruiting!

Doug Lawson said: “We want to hear from people interested in joining a team to plan the first ever Penrith SOUP. We’d also like to hear from local bands who would like to donate their time to this event.”

Next planning meeting: Tues 26th Sept, 7.30, if you are interested, please email or call for details:

Nora : [email protected]

Doug: 01768 254280

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