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Carlisle theft victim awarded games console stolen from him

L-R: PCSO Emma James, Matt Williams, Inspector Andy Hanson, Matthew Peacock and Colin Thomason

[A] young victim of theft has been awarded a games console from Cumbria’s Victims Charitable Trust, replacing what was stolen from him, after police investigating contacted the charity for support.

Matthew Peacock, aged 17, from Carlisle, was awarded a Nintendo Switch that was approved by Cumbria Community Foundation.

Matthew, a child in foster care and a voluntary member of the Children in Care Council, bought a Nintendo Switch about June only to have it stolen, soon after purchase, whilst on a city bus.

PC Mark Christie, who investigated the crime, found that Matthew had been saving the money since January and bought the console as a very late birthday present.

Police contacted the Cumbria Community Foundation and explained Matthew’s story and they agreed to fund a new console.

Matthew, who has an interest in gaming and app design, is now studying computer programming at Carlisle College following successful exam results at Richard Rose Academy.

PC Christie said: “Matthew has had an unsettled youth but since living with his foster parents, Colin and Judith, he has beaten adversity.

“Matthew mentors other disadvantaged children in care and has worked incredibly hard to get through his exams and achieve. He had waited and saved a long time to get this console and deserved to enjoy it.

“Unfortunately I was unable to trace those responsible for the theft, but we hope that this charitable donation goes someway to repairing the impact this crime had on Matthew.

“I would like thank Cumbria’s Victims Charitable Trust for sponsoring a new console for Matthew and wish him well in the future.”

The charity funded console was handed over by Inspector Andy Hanson, at Carlisle Youth Zone, which Matthew visits weekly.

On receipt of the console Matthew said: “Thank you very much to you all for doing this it’s amazing.”

Matthew’s foster parent Colin Thomason, who attended the presentation, said: “This was all made possible by Cumbria’s Victims Charitable Trust’s donation. We would like to say a huge thank you to all concerned. A very special thank you to PC Christie for all his care, hard work and obtaining a replacement Nintendo Switch for Matthew.”

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