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Carlisle troublemaker locked up for the weekend

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] TROUBLEMAKER who “kicked off” with police has been locked up for the weekend.

Daniel Gill, 21, was subject to two suspended prison terms when officers called at his Orton Road home in Carlisle during July.

Gill was abusive and caused one PC to believe he would be head-butted. Gill was then taken to the floor but continued to kick out and cause problems to the police.

He admitted a charge of resisting/obstructing a PC, and breaching his previous two suspended jail terms.

Carlisle Crown Court heard today (FRI) that Gill had otherwise been “engaging well” with the probation service, and was training to be a mechanic.

Defence lawyer Ian Hudson said of the offence: “He has ADHD, kicked off and that’s it.”

But Gill was jailed for two days by Judge Peter Davies, who told him: “I am not prepared to have people like you treating police officers like that.”

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