Cumbria Crack

Prolific Whitehaven thief who committed first crime in 1981 locked up by judge

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] PROLIFIC thief has been locked up for two years following his latest spate of offending in Whitehaven.

Carlisle Crown Court heard Colin Orr’s shocking list of 180 criminal offences dated back almost four decades to 1981.

Orr’s latest brushes with the law came in Whitehaven during late June. He snatched booze from B&M Bargains on one day, and then took a mop from Wilkos and items from Home Bargains on another.

At the time he was subject to an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) which banned him from town centre stores.

Orr, aged 47, of Richmond Terrace, Whitehaven, admitted three theft charges – his seventh ASBO breach – and flouting a suspended prison term.

He was jailed today (FRI). Judge Peter Davies said of his criminal conduct: “It has been persistent and continuous for 36 years.”

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