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Boy hurt after falling onto rocks near St Bees beach

Carrying the casualty and meeting up with the ambulance (St Bees RNLI)

[S]t Bees RNLI had their second call out of the day when the were asked to assist Paramedics, who were attending a boy who had fallen on the rocks close to St Bees beach.

At 8:40pm on 16 September the volunteers at St Bees RNLI were asked by UK Coastguard to go to the assistance of boy on St Bees beach.

The casualty had fallen and injured his leg while out with his friend taking photos for a school project.

The RNLI volunteers met up with the paramedics, who were already on scene, and under their supervision, carried the young person back to the lifeboat station on a stretcher, where a waiting ambulance met them.

Dick Bedows St Bees RNLI Operations Manager said: “I would like to commend the causalities friend for his fast thinking in dialling 999, it really helped the emergency services get to the young lad quickly.”

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