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Copeland’s MP and councillors come together to tackle local issues

[P]arking, maternity services and boundary reviews were the main topics of discussion at a meeting between Copeland’s MP and local Conservative councillors.

Trudy Harrison MP met with Copeland’s 22 Conservative county and district councillors in Whitehaven to follow up on constituency wide concerns.

The meeting offered the chance for the area’s Conservative councillors and MP to review issues affecting the area, which also included road investments, broadband and problems surrounding school catchment areas.

Trudy Harrison, said: “During yesterday evening’s meeting, both myself and Copeland’s local Conservative councillors had a positive meeting surrounding various issues in the constituency. It is vital that we work closely together in order to tackle the problems head on and ensure that progress is being made.

“I was pleased to be able to share the Digital Minister, Matt Hancock’s, announcement this month that up to £645m is to be made available to help take superfast broadband to the most remote and hard to reach places in the UK. This is encouraging news for a rural constituency like Copeland and I look forward to it becoming a reality for my constituents.”

The Copeland MP also discussed her role as the vice chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Nuclear following an extensive calendar of meetings with the area’s leading industries over the summer as well as being elected to the Education Select Committee.

Millom Cumbria County Councillor, Doug Wilson, said: “The meeting was a very useful exchange of ideas and information. Trudy brought us up to date with her recent appointments as Vice Chair of the Nuclear All Party Parliamentary Group and Member of the Education Committee.

“We were happy to hear of her commitment to continue improvements to the A595 and the local road systems, which she has had high on her list of important issues. The improvement work at West Cumber Cumberland Hospital progresses and continues to be one of Trudy’s key projects.”

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