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Copeland MP supports local music industry at Whitehaven concert


[T]he MP for Copeland has shown her support for the local music scene at a Whitehaven concert.

Trudy Harrison MP last weekend attended the concert of Cumbrian born rock band, Necromandus at Whitehaven’s, Solway Hall.

The long-running group treated fans to material taken from their second album Necromandus, which was released last month.

The West Cumbrian rock band first made their appearance supporting Black Sabbath more than 40 years ago.

Trudy Harrison, said: “I was thrilled to attend Necromandus’s gig in Whitehaven at the weekend – I have their albums in my car, so it was great to hear them perform live. There was a fantastic atmosphere and I wish the band the best of luck in all of their future endeavours.”

Tom Tyson, owner of the Music Farm said: “I thought it was great that our local MP could attend and enjoy the Necromandus concert at The Whitehaven Civic Hall last Friday. Necromandus are a local band, and as well as receiving great reviews, their album is selling worldwide.

“To have the support of Trudy Harrison is fantastic. All the band and management were delighted that Trudy could attend the concert and show her support. The evening was a complete success with everyone having a great time.”

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