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Cumbria Disaster Fund to help those in need

[T]he Cumbria Disaster Fund was set up by Cumbria Community Foundation following the floods in 2015 to provide immediate financial assistance to anyone who needs help following a disaster.

So far, the pot stands at £50,000 thanks to a contribution from the charity’s own funds. However, the Foundation is aware at its current level, the fund can only provide a limited level of support to uninsured households and is therefore keen to secure additional funding to increase the grant support available for the 200 homes flooded in Millom and south Cumbria.

Donations can be made to the Cumbria Disaster Fund via this link:

Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation, said: “It has been devastating to see the damage done yet again to our community over the last few days. We want to do all we can to help and are pleased to be part of the coordinated response led by the County Council. We hope that our donation will help to bring immediate assistance to those most in need.”

Anyone wanting information about the fund and who and what will be eligible for funding, should visit Cumbria Community Foundation’s website or speak to the grants team on 01900 825760.

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