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Man jailed for attacking former partner at Lakes B&B

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] MAN who beat up his former partner in a “flash of rage” at their Lake District B&B has been jailed.

Victim Carly Mitchell was left “severely bloodied” and briefly unconscious after being repeatedly punched and slapped by Garry Mulcahy following a wedding.

Carlisle Crown Court heard police called to their room at Ambleside’s Brathay Hall, early on July 30, found her blood on the walls, sheets and floor. Miss Mitchell – the mother of their child – was treated in hospital for what a doctor described as “blunt trauma” to her face, nose and neck.

The couple had both been drinking, and were said to have previously had a “tempestuous” and “toxic” relationship.

Mulcahy, of St Andrew’s Close, Holmfield, Halifax, admitted assaulting Miss Mitchell, causing her actual bodily harm. He was said be “completely ashamed” of what he had done, and been abstinent from alcohol since.

The 30-year-old was jailed for nine months by Judge James Adkin, who said: “On any view it is a bad offence.

“Members of the public looking at photographs of her injuries, pre-treatment and post-treatment, would be appalled.”

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