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New Recruiting Measures for Healthcare Company

Amanda Nelson Care Services Manager at Gaudium

[G]audium Ltd. who provide Domiciliary Care Services and a Day Centre for older vulnerable adults in the Penrith area are bringing a new improved approach to their recruiting technique. “We want to ensure that not only do we have the absolute best staff for the job, we also want a team that works well together and feel comfortable with each other.” Said Mariusz Waluk, the company’s managing Director.

“In order to do this we have introduced a 3 stage application for our vacancies. First applicants must complete a company application form ensuring all information needed about applicants is gained, then if the application form is successful they move on to stage 2. This is comprised of a Personality and Attitude Assessment. This gives the recruiting panel an idea of the kind of person each applicant is, if their personality is suited both to the role and if they are likely to fit in with the team or not get along too well.”

Only if both these stages are passed successfully do applicants then get an interview. Gaudium are hoping that this new recruiting strategy will help both with employing only the best staff, but also improving staff retention. “Friction between staff never helps a workplace environment and can lead to high turnover rates, potentially unsettling both other staff members and clients” said Office Manager, Morgan Barrie, adding “Also, with fewer employers giving proper references about previous employees these days we need to add another layer of security around assessing potential employees. At the end of the day an excellent application might just mean that candidate knows how to write convincingly, not that they can do the job they are applying for.”

This new attitude assessment is an innovative measure to ensure only the best staff are recruited, ensuring clients stay safe and get the absolute best care. Current staff completed the assessment to give a ‘baseline’ for the company, with many staff saying the results were “weirdly accurate”, “really interesting” and “a good giggle”.

Gaudium is currently recruiting for the last time in 2017 for both their Gaudium Day Centre and Assured Care Domiciliary Services, and are holding an open day for anyone interested to come and talk to the warm and friendly Care Services Manager Amanda Nelson in their Day Centre at 5 Corney Square on Monday 09/10/17 between 09:00 and 15:00. Amanda told us “people are welcome to just drop in if they like, or if they prefer they can call to book a specific slot to speak in advance.”

The number for Gaudium is 01768 890 353.

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