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Printers Take Their Green Footprint That Extra Mile

L-R: Steve Wray, Anthony Donnelly

[L]ast week, staff from Penrith based H&H Reeds Printers, one of the most environmentally aware printers in the UK, took an extra step towards ensuring product sustainability.  They joined members of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust (CWT) to plant trees and pull weeds at Eycott Hill Reserve, near Penrith.

Four members of staff, donned their wellies and waterproofs on one of the wettest days of the month, to spend the day helping to establish newly planted trees by clearing weeds, which, if left unchecked, may inhibit the vital nutrients in the soil.  They also got their hands dirty by spreading yellow rattle seed into nearby fields, the flowering plant of which is used to establish meadows rich in flowers, thereby encouraging colonisation and promoting bio diversity.

With offices in both Penrith and Milnthorpe, and regular investment in state-of-the-art equipment, H&H Reeds Printers are Cumbria’s foremost ‘Green’ print company. With a team of over 45 staff they provide a complete print service from business cards to exhibition displays, signage and signs through to  published books.

Giving background, Anthony Donnelly Commercial Development for H&H Reeds Printers who organised this initiative, said: “As a company we are very keen to support charitable causes, so we approached the CWT to see if they required any volunteers as we saw this as a tangible way of making a difference.  We understand how time-consuming and labour intensive weeding can be, and yet it is a vital process in protecting and nurturing young trees.  Without trees, there would be no paper, which we feel is still the most environmentally friendly form of communication available.  Being able to tend local trees was too good an opportunity to miss.”

Cumbria Wildlife Trust relies on members and volunteers to carry out much of their hands-on work, and they have planted hundreds of trees at Eycott Hill alone.  Imogen Rutter from CWT was delighted to welcome the H&H Reeds Printer’s staff to assist with this maintenance, saying:

“The weather waits for no man, and it was a bit of a wet day, however Anthony and the team were very enthusiastic and interested in all that we were doing.  It was clear to see they felt good about lending a hand at the beginning of the tree-growing process, and we appreciated their help very much.”

H&H Reeds Printers use only paper from sustainable sources and pride themselves on being a carbon neutral print company.  They are determined to maintain their position in the top 10% of all UK wide printers in terms of their green credentials and are keen to revisit the site in the coming months to see the fruits of their labours.

Having dried off and been plied with hot coffee, Anthony said: “It was hard but satisfying work and Imogen’s enthusiasm and knowledge was infectious.  We felt very privileged to have taken part in something so vital and would happily do so again.”

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