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Kendal tyre slasher jailed

Edward Kinsella

[A] Kendal man has been sent to prison for slashing tyres and shoplifting in the town.

Edward Kinsella, 58 of Capper Close, was sentenced yesterday (October 4th) to 5 months in prison, at Furness Magistrates’ Court.

Kinsella pleaded guilty at the hearing to three counts of criminal damage (tyre slashing) and ten counts of shoplifting, at businesses including Marks and Spencer and Booths.

He was also given a two year Criminal Behaviour Order which will come into force once he is released from prison, and which will prevent him from entering Kendal shops that are members of the Shop Watch scheme.

Kinsella was brought before the courts after police in Kendal carried out a proactive operation, named Operation Spaniel, following a number of tyre slashing incidents in the town.

Over a series of days in both June and August they caught Kinsella carrying out the criminal damage he was charged with, and also witnessed him committing the shoplifting – sometimes twice in one day.

Inspector Paul Latham said: “I am pleased with the sentence that Kinsella has been handed today, which reflects the misery that he has caused to his victims. Our police team spent many hours trying to bring Kinsella to justice and the result today is testament to their hard work.

“I’d also like to thank the public for their support during our proactive operation.

“We will continue to conduct similar operations when required to ensure that those who live and work in the area do not have to suffer such criminality.”

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